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"what're you doing? i just got beat for backing up my northeast crew."
"are you ok"
"so many fights. so much violence. kinda askin' for a way outta here."
"you know you don't need to ask."


it was just before sunrise

"what's going on here?"
"what's..happening right now."
i'd been scratching your head in an attempt to calm you. "i can stop? i can try to stop. i probably can't stop, actually."
"that's not what i mean at all. just like, we're lying here naked, and you've been doing that, and you're..look at you. you're perfect, you're the perfect size, and this is the best feeling in the entire world, and.."
i missed the last part. you wouldn't repeat yourself.
"nah, it's too real. it's too real. we'll talk about it someday."

i can never make myself wash the sheets until your smell has faded